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Vieren wat kapot is 2020

Vieren wat kapot is

This inspiring documentary explores the phenomenon of 'damaged art', based on an incident in which a work by artist Bas van Wieringen was accidentally repainted in 2017.

Conceptual artist Bas van Wieringen made the national press in 2017 when a museum employee accidentally painted over his minimalist painting 'Portrait of the nail behind the canvas'. The incident is the occasion for a documentary exploration of the phenomenon of 'damaged art'. What is the definition of (modern) art? Does art cease to exist in another form? In passing we are introduced to the playful oeuvre of the ingenious Bas van Wieringen, who was inspired by the event in his own way.

  • Director: Denise Janzee
  • Sound design: Jeroen Goeijers
  • Producer: Talented United
  • Broadcaster: AVROTROS
  • Genre: Documentary