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I am so sorry 2021

I am so sorry

World Premiere Film Festival de Cannes 2021

Nominated for Golden Eye Film festival de Cannes 2021

This film, conceived as an essay-poem, questions the choice of nuclear energy, and sounds like a prophecy, a warning. The camera captures the things we don't want to believe in. These images intersect with the faces and bodies of the inhabitants who are striving to remain in irradiated territory. The decontaminators tear up trees, grasses, remove the earth, we discover workers who dismantle piece by piece a German nuclear power plant, before burying the radioactive waste for 100,000 years. Zhao Liang, like a guide from beyond the grave, deplores in poetic language the consequences of man's madness, which leads to self-destruction. How much do the anti-nuclear demonstrators who cry out for respect for the earth weigh? Man celebrates misfortune.

  • Director: Zhao Liang
  • Sound design: Jeroen Goeijers
  • Producer: Les Films D'ice, Muyi films, Cnex
  • Broadcaster: Arte
  • Genre: Documentary