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The Shortest Song 2023

The Shortest Song

Meet Kelsey, a second-rate actress who has been struggling to make ends meet in the competitive world of acting.  Determined to give her acting career one last shot, Kelsey decides to audition for a major feature film.

To Kelsey's astonishment, her audition earns her a callback, opening the door to the possibility of landing the role of a lifetime. Suddenly faced with a life-altering decision, Kelsey finds herself torn between two worlds: the allure of fame and fortune in the glamorous world of Hollywood, or the prospect of building a new life with Cameron, a musician with a soulful voice, and his tight-knit family.

As Kelsey delves deeper into her relationship with Cameron and his family, she discovers that beneath their seemingly perfect facade lie buried secrets and unresolved conflicts. Kelsey finds herself drawn further into the intricate web of emotions and deception, forcing her to confront her own desires and aspirations.

As the final callback approaches, Kelsey must make a choice that will shape the course of her future. Will she choose the glittering lights of fame and fortune, or will she embrace the warmth and authenticity of love and family? In a journey filled with heartache, self-discovery, and redemption, Kelsey learns that true happiness lies not in the spotlight, but in the embrace of those who truly love her for who she is.

  • Director: Sam & Mara Patton
  • Sound design: Jeroen Goeijers
  • Producer: Good for nothing films, Kinogo Pictures,
  • Genre: Fiction