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Still Water 2023

Still Water

Sill Water

What is the psychological effect on both the parents and siblings, and what emotions does the situation evoke in them?

The three families each deal with cancer in very different ways. Fien's (6) family consists of her father, mother, and two older sisters. "For example, this family is religious, and they draw a lot of support from that." Simonka also follows 10-year-old Matthijs, who has a brain tumor. He has two older brothers, and the family tries to continue seeing the golden edges in their own way.

"They also see it as a gift that it happened to them. Because their relationships have become more intense and they live more in the moment," says the documentary maker. We also see Bente (3) and her family in the film. "Bente is an adorable girl, and she has three older brothers. Their family radiates a lot of love and joy."

It wasn't always easy to be present during intense private moments. Simonka says, "It's very intense. You're also right there when the parents receive bad news." She considers it an honor that she was allowed to film these impactful moments. "I am grateful to the parents."

Simonka made the film for families affected by childhood cancer, but she also hopes it prompts others to think. "It's very much about how you treat each other and how you talk about painful things. Everyone goes through tough times, and the film shows how important it is to keep communicating and staying connected."

  • Director: Simonka de Jong
  • Sound design: Jeroen Goeijers
  • Producer: De Haaien
  • Broadcaster: EO
  • Genre: Documentary
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